vineyard management & contract services


AV&M is one of Australia’s leading vineyard management operations with an extensive list of vineyard projects under management throughout South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Specific services can also be offered on a project by project basis. AV&M has an extensive fleet of vineyard equipment operated by team of experienced, qualified and fully licensed operators.



vineyard management

Comprehensive management services encompassing all components of vineyard management

  • Asset acquisition and Sales
  • Business planning, financial management, accounts payable
  • Preparation of annual and long term crop care programs and budgets
  • Supply and manage all human resources
  • Supply and manage all plant and equipment (or utilise existing)
  • Provide all intellectual property and technical expertise
  • Facilitate grape and wine sales
  • Asset management
  • Compliant WHS and QA systems in place for all operations

contract services

Contract Services are offered on a project by project basis as required. All operations are carried out by trained and licensed personnel. Our list of services includes:

  • Herbicide and fungicide spraying – Using the latest equipment, we can assist with the supply of chemical and chemical selection. Fully licensed operators and quality assured systems
  • Mechanical weed control – slashing, discing, rotary hoeing, under vine weeding
  • Foliage Management – mechanical trimming, manual wire lifting, shoot thinning, vine training, desuckering
  • Pruning – mechanical and hand pruning
  • Bird netting
  • Trellis repairs – post knocking, wire running
  • Irrigation repairs – chlorine/chemical flushing, running drip tube, pipe and general repairs.
  • Labour supply – all manual tasks
  • Property Maintenance – general repairs, clearing vacant land, fencing